Easy School Fundraising Idea To Raise Money

Weekly Fundraising Draws for Schools and P+C's

Of all the School fundraising ideas, ClubDraw’s is the easiest. Raising money no longer requires large amounts of time and energy. We’re Australia’s favourite automated raffle solution for schools and P+C’s, and we’re here to help you every step of the way in supporting your school in Australia. You get weekly payments, without lifting a finger.

Schools often face a difficult balance between raising money for the community and doing that within a limited funds. With the added burden of limited volunteer time, P+C’s can find it difficult to make necessary preparations for effective fundraising activities.


At ClubDraws we’re an organisation that understands the unique challenges that Australian schools face in raising funds, and our commitment is to take out all the worry and stress from setting up raffles so you can focus on what matters most – helping you and your school flourish.


ClubDraws can provide a straightforward solution to fundraising for schools, without wasting your volunteers time or energy .


We host a number of fundraiser raffles each week for different schools, sports clubs, and charities. They all get a unique website where people can donate by buying tickets to join the raffle. The funds that are raised are directly credited to the beneficiaries bank accounts every week. We have some organisations earning over $50,000 per year without them being burdened by any marketing, operating, and legal aspects of the raffle.


We provide everything from hosting tickets and running marketing campaigns, so you can focus on making the most out of other fundraising opportunity while we take care of all the details and generate a regular weekly income you can rely upon


With ClubDraws, you have a partner that helps you raise regular weekly funds easily so you can continue doing great work in your school and community. Fundraising for schools has never been easier and more profitable.

How many people would join your draw to win $2000?


$9000 average annual income


$18,200 AVERAGE annual income


$91,000 AVERAGE annual income


$182,000 AVERAGE annual income


$1.17m AVERAGE

Our Fundraiser Partners

When it comes to fundraising, we partner with and raise funds for many recognised Australian and respected not-for-profit charities, schools, and sports clubs, each of whom is dedicated to improving the lives of those they serve

Easy donations & fundraising ideas for Schools

Want to make sure that everyone who gives to your school has the most positive experience possible? Get in touch with us today and we’ll explain how easy we make it, for both you and donors.